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Thorpe Park in Great Britain


Thorpe Park Resort is an amusement park in Chertsey, west of London. The park opened in 1979 and covers an area of ​​almost 200 hectares.
Within the amusement park, people looking for extreme experiences can take a ride on the Colossus, The Swarm or Stealth roller coaster. In addition, there are many attractions for families with children, such as carousels, playgrounds, slides, ferris wheels and water attractions.
Thorpe Park is divided into 8 theme parks:

  • Port and Basecamp
  • Amity
  • The Jungle
  • Angry Birds
  • Old Town
  • Lost City
  • Swarm Island
  • The Dock Yard
©Thorpe park

The park is adapted to the youngest guests and there are also accommodation spaces right in the park.

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